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About me

Hello and a warm welcome to my webpage!

My name is Shaad Alaka and I'm a musician known as AquaNova. Currently I'm specialized in composing music for video games, but I tend to produce in a wide variety of styles, trying out new things to see what works and what doesn't.

I've been into music production for about 10 years now, starting very simple with general MIDI based compositions. After that, I started to learn about synthesizers and their power to create the sounds you want. I only started to make a lot of progress in various areas (such as mastering, emulating real instruments with synthesis) the past year, which can be heard in my most recent works.

This is a video that shows a little bit how I produce music:

Currently I'm trying to contribute music to the new Unreal Tournament, which is currently in Pre-Alpha ("currently" being 09-11-2014). But I'm also hunting for indie games and modding projects that still require a music producer at their side, because it's fun and good practice!

Right now I've put some of my work in the music tab of my website, neatly sorted. I'll expand that section from time to time, adding new (or old) stuff. For now, please refer to my Soundcloud account for a more complete list of my productions.

If you wish to contact me, please visit the "contact" tab! Enjoying my music? Like and share it on Facebook with the button at the top of the page!