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My Music

(WIP) = the track is work in progress | (R) = pending to be rewritten/reworked

Concepts for Unreal Tournament

This is some of my work for the upcoming Unreal Tournament! I started making these around august 2014. The newest one is at the top of the list, oldest one at the bottom, same for the lists below. I've put more detailed information about most of them in my music thread at the UT forums, which you can find right here. Enjoy listening!

Dissolution (Official track)

Monks of Na Pali



Apex (WIP)

Abyss (R)


Destroyer (R)

Orbit (R)

Impact Hammer

Tracks for Xonotic

This is some of my work for the open source arena shooter called Xonotic, sequel of open source Nexuiz. Some of these tracks have been used in community maps, although they never made it to the core game because there were no available maps.These tracks are quite a bit older than the ones I did for UT, I might remaster some of them sometime.


Trailer Concept

Wasteland (WIP)

Erebus (R)

Space Jumper

Dark Horizon

Mental Conflict (R)


Acoustic/classical/modern tracks

This is some of my personal work that was mostly written just out of inspiration! Some of the older tracks are based on General MIDI wavetables, so they sound a bit dated, those will slowly be reworked.

Live Your Life (Rewritten)

We Shape the World


The End of Our Story (R)

What You Want Most (R)

Live Your Life

A Real Dream (R)

Dream (R)

Concepts for StarMade

These are some concepts for the Space Sandbox indie game StarMade. They are mostly just concepts that haven't been thoroughly prepared for the game, just to find that sweet spot.


The Core

Celestial Hunt

Ocean of Space

Outpost (WIP)

Derelict (WIP)


Some more of my personal work, not made with any purposes in mind but rather just for fun! Most of this is at least 2 years old. "The Journey of Light" is still the biggest and longest project I've ever worked on so far, the track took two months to complete, one month of production, and another of mastering. The track was a good lesson for me: never spend too much time on one track!


The Journey of Light


New Hope

Shimmering Night